Trip to Epoch-Making 12
TWO HOUSES by R. M. Schindler
R. M. Schindler House -text by RobertL Sweeney-
Levin / Carey House -text by Stefanos Polyzoides-

Bart Prince
Brad and June Prince Residence
Spec Hosue

Willian P. Bruder
Platt Residence
Weiss Residence

Yutaka Saito and Associates

Walner House
A Suburban Residence

Cunningham Architects
Power House

KunihikoHayakawa & Associates
House in Hiroo

Toru Murakami & Associates
Atelier in Saka-machi
House in Nakayama

Dean A. Nota
Marsh Studio / Residence

Gwathmey Siegel & Associates
Spielberg Residence

Rebecca L. Binder
Stroh / Stearns Residence Remodel

Bohlin Powell Larkin Cywinski
Residence for Bruce Barth and Joanna Douglas

Frederick Fisher / Eric Orr
Vena-Mondt Studio / Residence

176 total pages, 56 in color
ISBN 4-87140-326-2 C1352


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