Jean Nouvel
3 Buildings

Jean Nouvel was born in Fumel,France in 1945, and
was educated at the Ecole des Beaux-Art in Paris.
He was a founding member ofuMars 1976vanduSyndicat de l'Architecturev.
He opened his own office in 1975,
and, worked with his own language which has separated from that of modernism and post-modernism.
He won a number of awards as well.
and,thus, he is one of the major architects today.
In 2005, the louisiana Museum of Modern Aaer hosted a major retrospective of his works.

his book contains three of his most recent works.

26/August/2006: Nice
Jean Nouvel Interview
Quai Branly Museum
Paris, France
Guthrie Theater
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A
Extension of National Central Museum of Reina Sofia
Madrid, Spain

132 total pages, 114 in color
ISBN4-87140-193-6 C1352


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