"Machine" and "Wind"

WORKS (Project descriptions: TOYO ITO)

1970-1971 Aluminum House
1975-1976 White U
1976-1978 PMT Building-Nagoya
1980-1981 House in Kasama
1982-1984 Silver Hut
1985/89 Pao 1&2 Exhibiton Project for Pao:
A Dwelling for Tokyo Nomad Women
1985-1986 House in Magomezawa
1986 Restaurant Nomad
1986 Tower of Winds
1986 Exhibiton Project for Furniture
for Tokyo Nomad Women
1987-1989 Guest House for Sapporo Breweries
1990 Project for "Maison de la Culture du Japon"
1989-1990 T Building in Nakameguro
1988-1991 Space "Simulation" Visions of Japan,
Japan Festival 1991
1988-1991 Yatsushiro Municipal Museum
1989-1990 Rejuvenation Project for Antwerp I
-South Docks Project
1990-1993 Rejuvenation Project for Antwerp II
1992 Planning & Urban Design
for Shanghai Lujiazui Central Area
1991-1992 Hotel P
1991-1993 ITM Building in Matsuyama
1990-1993 Shimosuwa Municipal Museum
1992-1994 Old People's House in Yatsushiro
1994 Tokyo Frontier Project
1992-1995 Yatsushiro Fire Station
1993-1996 Nagaoka Lyric Hall
1993-1997 Dome in Odate
1996-1998 Notsuharu Town Hall
1997- Bank of International Settlement Extension Project
1999 Center for Contemporary Arts, Rome
1996-1999 T Hall in Taisha
1999- Hospital Cognacq-Jay
1997-1999 Aluminum House in Sakurajosui
1998-2000 EXPO 2000 Hannover, "Health Futures" Pavilion
1995-2001 Agricultural Park Oita
1995-2001 Sendai Mediatheque
1997- Hiroshima Messe Convention Center Project

List of Works 1970-2001

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