Between Architecture and Landscape:Tadao Ando

The Process of Architecture

WORKS (Project descriptions: TADAO ANDO)

1987-1993 Vitra Seminar House
1989-2000 Rockfield Shizuoka Factory
1990-1993 College of Nursing, Art and Science, Hyogo
1990-1994 Chikatsu-Asuka Historical Museum, Osaka
1990-1994 Garden of Fine Art, Kyoto
1991-1994 Museum of Wood
1991-1994 Suntory Museum + Plaza
1991-1995 Oyamazaki Villa Museum
1991-1994 MAXRAY Headquarters Building
1991-1994 Inamori Auditorium
1991-1993 Lee House
1991-1997 Museum of Gojo Culuture & Annex
1992-1994 Nariwa Museum
1992-1997 Harima Kogen Higashi Primary School
& Junior High School
1992-1997 Eychaner / Lee House
1992-2000 FABRICA (Benetton Communication Research Center)
1992-1999 Rokko Housing III
1992-2000 Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
1993-1994 House in Nihonbashi (Kanamori House)
1993-1995 Ayabe Community Center
1993-2000 Awaji-Yumebutai
1993-1995 Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum, Annex
1993-1996 Museum of Literature II
1994-1995 Atelier in Oyodo Annex
1994-1995 Meditation Space, UNESCO
1994-2001 Sayamaike Historical Museum
1994- Hombroich Museum
1994-1997 The Yokogurayama Natural Forest Museum
1994-1997 TOTO Seminar House
1994-1995 Tate Gallery of Modern Art,
International Design Competition
1995-1998 Daikokku Denki Headquarters Building
1995-1996 Town House in Hirano (Nomi House)
1995- The Theater in the Rock
1995-1997 Yagi House
1995-1996 Vicariato di Roma, International Design Competition
for the Church of the Year 2000
1996- Penthouse in Manhattan
1996-1998 Elleair Matsuyama Guesthouse
1996-2001 Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
+ Kobe Waterfront Plaza
1997-1998 Daylight Museum
1997-1999 Church of the Light, Sunday School
1997-2002 The Internatinal Library of Children's Literature
1997-2002 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
1997- The Museum of World Cultures on the River Rhine
1998-2000 Komyo-ji Temple
1998-1999 Minami-dera (Art House Project in Naoshima)

List of Works 1994-2000

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