Corporal - Real and Hyper
Contour Erasing and Dichotomy
From Panopticon To Archipelago

WORKS (Project descriptions: ARATA ISOZAKI)

1987-1991 Team Disney building
1991-1995 Toyonokuni Libraries for Cultural Resources, Oita
1991-1995 Kyoto Concert Hall
1991-1995 B-con Plaza
1991-1994 Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art
/ Nagi Town Library
1992-1994 Ukichiro Nakaya Museum of Snow and Ice
1991-1992 "Visions of Japan" Exhibition
1991-1992 The Museum of Modern Art, Munich Project
1992-1998 Nara Centennial Hall
1993 Donau-City Twin Tower Competition
1993-1995 DOMUS; Interactive Museum about Humans
1993-2000 Bass Museum of Art
1993-1996 Okayama West Police Station
1993-1998 Shizuoka Convention & Art Center "Granship"
1993-1997 Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
1994-2000 Gifu Kitagata Apartment
1994 The Man-made Island Project, "Mirage"
1994-1999 COSI: Center of Science & Industry, Columbus
1994-1997 The Museum of Modern Art, Gumma,
Contemporary Art Wing
1995-1997 Yamanaka
1995 Shenzhen International Trade Plaza
1995-1998 The Akiyoshidai International Art Village
1995-1997 "Time & Fashion" Biennale di Firenze '96
1997 "Santa Maria del Fiore" Competition
1998 The New Exit for the Uffizi Museum
1996-1997 Art Plaza, Oita
1996-1999 Gunma Astronaomical Observatory
1996 "VI Mostra Internazionale de Architettura"
La Biennale di Venezia
1996- Ceramic Park MINO
1997- Yamaguchi Cultural Complex
1997- International Design Competition
for the Shenzhen Cultural Center
1998 The Design Scheme Competition
of the National Grand Theater, China

List of Works 1991-2000

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