The Architecture of Tadao Ando -Predicated on Participation
In Dialogue with Geometry: The Creation of 'Landscape'

WORKS (Project descriptions: Tadao Ando)

1983-88 Ogura House
1985-88 Church on the Water
1987- Theater on the Water
1985-88 GALLERIA [akka]
1985-88 I House
1985-93 Rokko Housing II
1986-91 TIME'S II
1986-89 RAIKA Headquarters Building
1987-89 Children's Museum, Hyogo
1987-89 Church of the Light
1987-89 Natsukawa Memorial Hall
1988-90 Ito House
1988-90 Garden of Fine Arts
1988-91 Museum of Literature
1988-92 Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum
1987-90 I Project
1987-89 Izu Project
1988- Nakanoshima Project II (Space Strata)
1988- Nakanoshima Project II (Urban Egg)
1989-93 Vitra Seminar House
1989-92 Otemae Art Center
1989-91 Sayoh Housing
1989-90 Iwasa House Addition
1989-91 Atelier in Oyodo II
1989-91 Water Temple
1989-92 Forest of Tombs Museum
1989-92 Miyashita House
1989-91 Rockfield Shizuoka Factory
1989-92 Japan Pavilion Expo '92 / Sevilla
1990 Design Competition for the Modern Art Museum
and Architecture Museum
1990-94 Chikatsu-Asuka Historical Museum
1990-92 Children's Seminar House, Himeji
1990-91 Design Competition for the Reconstruction
of JR Kyoto Station (Twin Gates)
1991-92 Nara Convention Hall International Design Competition
1991- Konan University Student Circle
1991- Suntory Museum (Tempozan)
1991-93 Gallery Noda
1992- FABRICA (Benetton Art School)

List of Works 1988-93

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