Keys to deepen knowledge of Kazuhiro Kojima

One year has passed since the sudden death of Kazuhiro Kojima,
who was one of key persons in the world of architecture in Japan
and continued to tackle every possibility for architecture during his life.

In this exhibition titled Keys to deepen knowledge of Kazuhiro Kojima,
huge amount of things such as models, drawings and so on are on display.
By seeing through them, you can surely trace his way of thinking
and have a rethink on his architectural style.

[Featured Projects] more than 20 projects
Himuro Apartment
SELFISH (Sakuradai Apartment)
HOUSE TM (House in Azumino)
Space Block Kamishinjo
Utase Elementary School
Big Heart Izumo
Hakuou High School
Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture
Mihama Utase Elementary School
Uto Elementary School
Nagareyama Otakanomori Elementary and Junior High School
Kamaishi Unosumai Elementary/Junior High School
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies New Building No. 4
Yamamoto Town Hall
and others

Saturday, 30 September - Sunday, 12 November, 2017
GA gallery is open through a period 12:00-18:30.
Admission charge : 600 yen

If you wish to know more detail information about each project,
please check "
GA JAPAN 148 (Japanese texts only)"

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